2015 Homebuyer Survey Contains Valuable Information For Agents And Home Sellers

One of the most useful research projects of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) is the annual survey of homebuyers and sellers. It is particularly useful because it shows sellers and their agents what works and what sources buyers use to find their new homes.    

How To Keep Your Home Clean And Refreshed 24-7

Keeping your home spic and span can sometimes feel like too tough a challenge. No matter how often you clean, the house seems to get dirty again before the floors have even dried. For those who don’t have hours to spend cleaning, worry not! There are simple, effective ways to keep your home clean on a daily basis. Here are some tips to consider:    

Should You ‘Park’ Yourself In a National Park?

Are you so obsessed with the interior details of your ‘dream home’ that you’ve overlooked how important a ‘dream location’ is? If your idea of a perfect vacation includes a trip to a National Park, PJ suggests you should explore the possibility of ‘dream’ living within a National Park.                                                         
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